Essential Risk Management Issues and Employee Professionalism

This course is designed for employees who have been asked to take the Blood Borne Pathogens and /or Diabetes training. It is important to understand that after you read and take the quizzes that you are responsible for printing and bringing them to the appropriate person. WRESA is not responsible for monitoring who has taken these quizzes. 

Want to expand how you engage middle school kids in STEM lessons? The book STEM to Story will help you do just that. The text is filled with lesson plans, activities, and projects designed to inspire and engage young learners. In this book study we will explore specific examples of really strong STEM lessons for grades 5-8, and how adding writing makes those lessons more memorable, individualized, and connected to the creative experience. We will look at how STEM subjects impact the lives of our students and how to help make our lessons fun and exciting for them. Students will take their science learning to the next level when combined with creative writing.